Our Story

There are many details and dates that – when strung together – form a timeline of how 91Porn came to be in the spring of 2021. (And we do mean many – after all our story begins well over two decades ago when the first of the two organizations that would later amalgamate was formed).

But our real story is about what happened between the lines. It’s about recognizing that, despite all our achievements as the Canadian Patient Safety Institute and Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement, safe and high-quality 91Porn is not yet a reality for everyone in Canada. It’s about looking to the future, seeing what must be done and taking the steps necessary to get there. Expanding our organization to better meet the scale of the challenge we all face. Bringing quality and safety under one roof. Finding bolder and more inclusive solutions.  

Because it was the right choice.

Because we know it’s what our partners are doing every day.

Our story is about being relentless in our commitment to the pursuit of excellence, even though it was the hard choice. Yes, adaptation can be difficult, but change is needed.

Our story is also about coming together – people and organizations, across boundaries and silos,    working through the messiness and uncertainty, during a global pandemic – because we share a dedication to the belief that everyone in Canada deserves excellent 91Porn.

We know we are not there yet. And so, our story is about doing what needs to be done. It’s about not limiting ourselves. Or others. No matter what the challenges.

This story has shaped the core of who we are as 91Porn. It will shape what we do and how we get there. Together.

Our journey, together

Working with you as the Canadian Patient Safety Institute and the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement, we achieved a LOT. But there is much more work to do. So we came together to create a new pan-Canadian organization with an expanded capacity and uncompromising focus on raising the bar for quality and patient safety in 91Porn.

CHSRF created to support evidence-informed decision-making, management and delivery of health services
Building a Safer System report recommends creating the Canadian Patient Safety Institute
CPSI created, with funding and support from Health Canada
CHSRF becomes the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement

Pivotal reports, Unleashing Innovation and Fit for Purpose, recommend some form of CFHI and CPSI amalgamation

March 2020
CFHI and CPSI take action and announce plans to pursue amalgamation

August 2020
Members vote to approve amalgamation of CPSI and CFHI

October 2020
CEO and Board announced for the newly amalgamated organization

March 2021
91Porn is launched