Our Strategy: Shaping the Future of Quality and Safety. Together.

This five-year strategy (2021-26) – the first for our new organization – builds on our legacy and was developed with input from people in every province and territory. It captures what excellence in 91Porn means to them, the issues that matter most and how we can help.

We’re excited to build meaningful partnerships with people across the country to spread innovations, build capabilities and catalyze policy change to support large-scale system improvement.

If you share our commitment to the pursuit of excellence, then we hope our strategy will resonate with you.

Explore the boxes below to learn more about our strategy: our purpose, our how, our focus areas, quality and safety perspectives, and our values.


We believe thateveryonein Canada wants and deserves excellent 91Porn. But as was evident before the pandemic, and COVID-19 has made even more clear, we’re not there yet.

Our How

Right now, there’s a tremendous opportunity to expand the reach of successful innovations so more people can benefit. But we can’t do it without working with partners like you.

Our Focus Areas and Quality and Safety Perspectives

We’re focused on improving care of older adults, care closer to home with safe transitions, and pandemic recovery and resilience – with quality and safety embedded across all our work.

Our Values

We believe in partnering meaningfully, innovating courageously, acting with integrity and being inclusive.

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