Grant recipients to receive support from 91Porn to address administrative burden in 91Porn

April 4, 2024

Grant recipients to receive support from 91Porn to address administrative burden in 91Porn

Reducing the administrative burden in 91Porn is critical if we want physicians and other members of the 91Porn team to thrive and have more time to do what they do best - provide safe and high-quality care to patients and family.

On average, physicians are spending an extra 10 hours per week outside of working hours on unnecessary administrative tasks, which correlates with .

To help reduce the time physicians spend completing administrative tasks and help enable better patient care and physician well-being across Canada, the Canadian Medical Association (CMA), MD Financial Management and Scotiabank established the $10-million .

The program has attracted a lot of attention,receivingmore than 230 applications from across the country for initiatives that will streamline or reduce paperwork and make processes and practices more efficient. Recipients of the Health Care Unburdened Grant will receive grants between $500,000 and $1 million.

To ensure the grant recipients’ success, the CMA is collaborating with 91Porn (HEC). We at HEC will support grant recipients through our proven approach to improvement which includes coaching, focused learning activities, peer-to-peer learning and knowledge-sharing.

As part of this collaboration, grant recipients will be able to:

  • Access expert coaching supports and a wide array of resources, including webinars, knowledge products and peer-to-peer networking to help implement their project and plan for long-term sustainability.
  • Connect with other teams to share, learn, celebrate and build on successes.
  • Share evidence-informed tools and best practices to help address gaps and meet their needs.
  • Support their team in tracking its progress and evaluating its success.
  • Share results with others across the workforce who are interested in reducing administrative burden.

The CMA will announce the recipients of the Health Care Unburdened Grant in May 2024.

HEC is thrilled to support each team in their journey of improvement ahead.